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2014年 11月 07日

Preorders for figma Solid Snake have started.

figma-blog-tag.png figma fans… kept you waiting, huh? I don’t think I need to say anymore for everyone to know what I’ll be introducing on the blog today! I’ll be taking a closer look at figma Solid Snake MGS2 ver. from
the popular game ‘METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY’! First and foremost, I want to let everyone know that the figma was supervised every step of the way by the Metal Gear Solid art director, Yoji Shinkawa! He even created designs for things such as the shoe soles especially for the figma! His standard face parts feature posable eyes, allowing you to easily match his gaze with his pose! His Sneaking Suit has been sculpting in amazing detail, but also been carefully tailored to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with any of the joints, allowing for the endless amount of poses that figma fans have come to love!For instance, you can see him here holding his tranq gun with both hands in a confident shooting pose! Nothing makes Snake look for charming than a pose showing him with his weapons! He also comes with an alternate expression with clenched teeth! This expression doesn’t feature the posable eyes, but it is ideal for posing him in the heat of battle, concentrating on the enemy ahead of him!Plus along with his tranq gun, he also comes with an assault rifle for when things can’t be solved with stealth! The assault rifle even includes the effect parts above for a truly heated looking battle pose! Also note how the rifle is properly placed with the stock to his shoulder ? the recoil of these guns needs to be supported properly! As with most figmas he also comes with a number of different hand parts, which even include these special hand parts for eluding the enemy! Hang safely off the side and avoid detection! A hand smoking a cigarette is also included! Plus a first for the figma series! Snake comes with two different hands to hold his weapons ? one in a more idle pose and another one for pulling the trigger! Definitely a feature than gun enthusiasts will be happy to see! Another item that just has to be included with Snake is his hiding place of choice… a cardboard box! *Made from paper. Something to remember when hiding in a cardboard box is that you can get through smaller areas much easier when prone! But always be sure to watch your back when doing so! The backs of Snake’s hair parts feature articulation which allows you to place him in a prone position with ease! No one will ever be able to detect him! Plus! Preorders from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include two bonuses! First up we have his handgun! As you can see it has been safely fitted with a silencer to ensure Snake’s stealth operations can continue unhindered. The silencer can also be removed ? but make sure you don’t give away your position! The second preorder bonus is another cardboard box… made to look exactly like the figma carton that he will be shipped in! *Also made from paper! If he’s going to be hiding in a box, he may as well be hiding in figma style! Anyway, let me repeat your briefing one more time. Orders for figma Solid Snake: MGS2 ver. are open as of right now. Be sure you don’t miss out! You can order from the GOOD SMILE COMPANY ONLINE SHOP if you want to get your hands on the preorder bonuses as well! See you at the next rendezvous point! No matter what! ■ figma Solid Snake MGS2 ver. Release Date: 2015/04 Released by: Max Factory Distributed by: Good Smile Company ?2014 Konami Digital Entertainment



2023年05月28日 更新

2023年05月28日 更新

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